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About Us

We Are The Most Sophisticated Nursing Agency In New Jersey

“Nurturing wellness by redefining healthcare with compassion and excellence”
Founded with a commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare solutions, Precious Gems Homecare stands as a trusted provider of home care and nursing staffing services in the state of New Jersey. We are a licensed agency dedicated to empowering our community with personalized and compassionate care for optimal health. At Precious Gems Homecare, we don’t just provide care; we dare to care. As champions of excellence, we prioritize patient-focused services that extend beyond the conventional. Our offerings include Personalized Home Care, dedicated nursing personnel placement, and fostering collaborative alliances with medical facilities. Our strength lies in our team of skilled and dedicated nurses. They not only bring professional expertise but also an abundance of compassion to every service we provide.


Our Core Services

Personalized Homecare:

Precious Gems Homecare Agency offers home care services that are meticulously tailored to individual needs. We go beyond providing medical support; we create an environment of comfort and familiarity within the home, ensuring a holistic and personalized approach to care.

Dedicated Nursing Personnel Placement:

At Precious Gems Homecare Agency, we take immense pride in our team of skilled and compassionate nurses. They bring a wealth of expertise in the latest healthcare practices. Whether you have short-term or long-term staffing needs, we guarantee the perfect match for your requirements. Additionally, at Precious Gems Homecare Agency, we are continuously on the lookout for dedicated professionals to meet our staffing needs, spanning home care services, travel nurses, and international nursing placements.

Collaborative Alliances

We are committed to cultivating strong alliances with medical facilities, facilitating seamless transitions, and delivering holistic care to our clients. Our specialization lies in placing highly qualified healthcare professionals on an interim, short-term, and long-term basis. Our fully insured staff includes Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), and Personal care Assistants (PCAs).

Infusion Therapy


PCA / HHA and CNA Services


At Precious Gems Home Care, we believe that exceptional home care is an art—crafted with the expertise and dedication of our PCAs (Personal Care Aides), HHAs (Home Health Aides), and CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants).

Whether you need assistance with personal care, medication management, companionship, light housekeeping, or meal preparation, our PCA, HHA, and CNA services go beyond the medical realm. We embrace a holistic approach that addresses emotional, social, and physical well-being within the comforting walls of home. Our professionals work closely with individual patients/clients, and their families to create personalized care plans tailored to specific requirements.

Ready to experience the transformative power of exceptional care? Contact us today, and let our PCA, HHA, and CNA employees provide the high-quality care you deserve.


What Our Clients Say

I had worked with Urlien Boldewijn, RN in the past and noted that she is well rounded in the profession of nursing and had worked well in the nursing field. She is a person of integrity. I would recommend her for the desired position.
Donna P,
I am a registered nurse and I met Urlien at an orientation. Immediately when she entered the room full of positive energy, I had no doubt she was going to excel. She is professional and one of these nurses you meet that makes hard work seem so easy. A true professional, respectful with excellent communication skills. Hardworking and always puts her patients first. Not only her patients but also her coworkers. She is polite and always willing to help others. Working during the pandemic was stressful but knowing she was there eased my mind. I would trust my family members care under the supervision of Urlien.
Brenda N,
I am MM, LPN who’ve worked with Urlien Boldewijn over the years through different settings and companies. I recommend any nurse seeking work to give Urlien a chance at working with her and her company. Urlien a RN herself knows what it takes to lead in experience and organization to be successful at our jobs and with her wealth ok knowledge in experience and patient care skills will be a support to her nurses in every way she can. She understands the challenges nurses face and will do what it takes to what to help you feel satisfied in your job. As a business owner Urlien has the Education, Certification, experience, and qualities to integrate healthcare and business for success. She will work tirelessly to advocate and provide services for all partners alike while understanding what it takes to make a healthcare business a success. Urlien has a wealth of knowledge in leadership experience, patient care, and management skills. I, myself, benefited greatly from her mentorship qualities in terms of experience. Let us give Urlien the chance to prove herself by working with her and for her while she starts this journey to impact healthcare for good.
Melody M,
I've had the privilege of collaborating with Urlien for more than four years now, and I can confidently say that she embodies boundless positivity and enthusiasm. Her infectious laughter and unwavering ambition shine through in her work. She consistently goes above and beyond to establish genuine connections with her patients, striving to enhance their lives in every way possible. It's clear that nursing is not just a job for her; it's her true passion. As the owner, she has instilled her company with all the qualities that define an exceptional nurse. Urlien's compassion is unparalleled, and I believe there's no other company quite like hers, simply because there's no one else quite like Urlien.
Aleah G,
I have know Urlien for over twenty years she is a very dedicated bedside nurse and supervisor Extremely hard working and honest. She had proven to go above and beyond in her duties with a professional caring attitude To say dedicated only would only be touching the tip of the iceberg That goes very deep I have not enough words or time to list of her extending herself to help others my brother was blind she assisted me with him even to his dying bed made arrangements that I couldn't handle this lady is remarkable in so many ways. With a pure heart and clear mind she handles any taste set before her if anyone can do it Urlien can. Her thoughtful actions and problem solving solutions would and could resolve any conflict resulting in harmony clarity to any dispute Any organization or business she is apart of will greatly benefit from her membership.
Althea B,

We're Looking For Creative People And Nurses To Join Our Team

Since nursing is continuous and student nurses are graduating every year, we are always hiring to help close the gap in patient care.

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